Questions & Answers

How can I complete transfer booking and payment?
You can book your transfer with us by phone, by mail or online on our homepage.

We offer following payment methods: by transfer, debit or credit card, by invoice and of course cash payment directly to the driver.

When does payment need to be made?

After the transfer.

How is the invoice issued to the business customers?
You will receive your invoice by mail or email.
How many passengers can be transported per vehicle?
Per vehicle 1-8 people. For larger groups we can use additional vehicles on request.
What is the difference between business transfers and shared rides?
Business transfers make the vehicle available exclusively to you. You are transported directly and without detours or waiting times.

During shared rides other passengers are picked up at various points during the ride – this can result in waiting times (max. 60 minutes) as well as detours. We will determine the route. If necessary, earlier pick-up times may occur in order to take into account the departure times of all passengers.


Can I determine the pick-up time for the transfer to the airport?
For shared rides, we set the departure times according to your departure time. In order to track your flights, we need your flight number for round trip transfers.

You are welcome to choose earlier pick-up times, and we will tailor them to your wishes. Please note: Liability on our part is excluded if the customer requests a specified time.


How long before the departure, should I arrive to the airport?
That depends on your destination. So that you can comfortably do your check in, we include the check-in times in the pick-up times we have planned.
What happens if I miss my flight due to a traffic jam?
We have no influence on traffic jams, weather conditions and force majeure – therefore we exclude liability for these reasons. However, we adapt our departure times to the weather conditions and external circumstances to the best of our knowledge.
Do I need my own child safety seat?
No. If you do not have a child safety seat, we will be happy to provide one for you.

You also have the option of storing your own child safety seat with a suitable protective cover with us during your vacation.

What to do in the event of flight delays? What to do if I miss my flight or if the flight number changes?
We monitor your arrival flights so that pick-ups can always be planned in case of flight delays.

If you miss your flight or if it turns out during your trip that the return flight changes significantly, please inform us. This also applies to a rebooking on a plane with a different flight number, because for data protection reasons we do not receive any notification of flight changes from the airline.

What happens after landing? What to do if the chauffeur is late or I don’t recognize him?
Our driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it at the reception area of ​​the arrival terminal. You can also recognize your chauffeur by his driver’s jacket with the company logo “Flughafentransfer Kaulke”.

In case of delays, you can contact us during office hours at +49-821-508 34 09. Outside of business hours, you can leave a message on the following emergency number +49-821-508 34 09. For urgent cases, the emergency number also serves for transfer bookings.

How long does my chauffeur wait after my landing?
On average, passengers need about 30-40 minutes after landing to reach the reception area. Only in exceptional cases do our drivers let the passengers’ names be called out at the airport.

If you are late, you can also contact us by phone. Bis zu einer Wartezeit von max. the first sixty minutes the driver spends waiting after your flight lands come at no additional cost to you.

Am I allowed to bring my pet along?
Pets are welcome in a standard carrier for an additional charge. Large pets on inquiry. The animals have to be registered for the transfer.
Is transport for bicycle, stroller or wheelchair etc. possible?
Strollers and foldable wheelchairs are transported at no extra charge – but must be registered for the transfer. For special transport items – such as, for example, bicycles – are to be booked several days in advance and are subject to a charge.
Can I cancel my transfer reservation?
Yes. The transfer must be cancelled 24 hours in advance in writing. Otherwise cancellation fees will apply.

If you provide us with the cancellation confirmation from the airline, no cancellation fees will be charged.

If you have further questions, we will gladly advise you by email or in person at the

Tel. +49-821-508 34 09.

Thank you for your trust!


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